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Brand New Single - Woman Is The Way

"The Woman Is The Way" is taken from the stunning new Jessica Biel, Forest Whitaker, Ray Liota & Patrick Swayze original motion picture "Powder Blue". Also featured in the hit MTV show "The ... Read more

  • Woman Is The Way on 'The Hills'

    The new single from The Sleeping Masses featured on the hit MTV show The Hills as of Tuesday the 20th Oct 09. The Woman Is The Way is performed & writ

  • Article in

    The sun must be shining on at the moment, as we’ve recently had some emails through direct from America! That’s right we’re taking a trip

  • The Masses go Irish, exclusive interview

    A recent article found in the Donegal News.  A well-known Hollywood actor recently turned pop star has revealed that he would like nothing better to

  • UK single number 2!

    The Sleeping Masses are now planning their next UK single release and brand new album. More news to come very soon! 


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